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Extra Sharp: A New England Favorite, this cheese is SHARP! Typically aged over 20 months, this raw milk cheese has a deep, fully-developed nutty flavor with a little bit of tang. Just a tiny slice is enough to leave your palate reveling in flavor long after the cheese is gone.


Mild Cheddar: Typically aged four to six months, this is the mildest of our cheddars. In addition to the goodness of raw milk, you’ll also enjoy the complexity of this cheese, as nothing from the original flavor profile of the milk is destroyed by pasteurization. It’s just what cheddar should be!


Sage: An old Vermont favorite, Sage Cheddar’s warm, musky flavor spotlights this centuries-loved herb. This cheese’s wonderful flavor is a popular menu addition in Vermont around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make it part of your tradition! For a unique treat, try it melted onto an omelet.


Garlic & Herb: Strong, fresh garden flavors dance on your tongue with this delicious variety. The mild cheddar gives way to a big garlic taste with hints of basil and oregano. If you love Italian, this cheese is for you. Try it with pasta, soup, or salads to give your recipes a bold flavor, or slice it for a yummy snack.


Jalapeno Jack: Our jalapeño cheese was hot stuff at the American Cheese Society competition, winning best flavored Monterey Jack. It’s the perfect blend of fiery hot jalapeños, chili flakes, and our creamy smooth Monterey. Try it in recipes or cube it up to get your next party hopping.


Monterey Jack: There’s Monterey Jack and then there’s Neighborly Farms Monterey Jack! A two-time ACS award-winner, this smooth-textured cheese is a creamy relative of cheddar. Monterey Jack is an American original invented in California and the perfect complement to Mexican food.


Green Onion: Pure cheddar with the sunny taste of fresh organic green onions – light and delicious! With bright flecks of green swirled in creamy white, this cheese looks as good as it tastes. Our Green Onion Cheddar is so good the crackers get left behind. We use only fresh certified organic green onions, locally produced when available. 


Colby: Our Colby has won the award for best Colby twice at the American Cheese Society Competition. It’s an all-time kid favorite, with its cheery orange color and mild, sweet & nutty flavor. Colby is an American original that was invented in Colby, Wisconsin. It’s a cheddar that’s not “cheddared,” accounting for its softer texture and milder flavor.


Feta: A traditional sheep or goat milk cheese, our cow milk feta is deliciously different. It has a milder, richer taste and a less crumbly, more sliceable texture. Both feta fans and feta avoiders tend to love our not-so-traditional feta. It’s our second best seller during the summer months! Great on salads and for snacking.

Neighborly Farms Organic Cheddar Cheeses

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